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"I haven't worked in over 4 months, and I hear the restaurant
where I work may not reopen.  I'm looking for a new job but it's
hard when daycare isn't open every day.  Thank you
for helping me while I have no income. 
I didn't know where else I could go."

- M.H. age 39


54% of our insured patients lost their income

We have provided more than
   500 reduced fee visits since March.

• A record number of our patients
  qualified for 83% off their visit
  cost - our highest discount.

• A grant from The Community
   Foundation of the Florida Keys gave
   our patients immediate financial relief.

In the past
6 months,

we covered $56,000

of patient visits

• Our partnership with Zonta Key West
   has funded 87 free screening

   mammograms between March and

 • The Komen Foundation has pledged
    up to $30,000 to pay for breast
    ultrasounds, MRIs, and biopsies.

We have added primary care and ultrasound services

• A Health Foundation of South Florida grant is funding a practitioner at Womankind who specializes in primary care for MEN and women.

• We entered a formal collaboration
with AHEC and The Good Health Clinic
to ensure our underserved neighbors have access to our many resources.

• We hired two female-health nurse practitioners to work alongside our board certified OB/GYN.

• We began an on-site ultrasound program and increased follow up care from 56% to 89%.

We are committed to patient safety

• Elevated screening, disinfecting,
   and sanitizing protocols are being
   strictly followed.

• Three HEPA air filters, which clean
   the air of small virus particles,
   have been installed.

•  Patients who are strictly adhering
    to stay-at-home orders are using
    Telemedicine visits whenever

COVID-19 is relentless.

It has taken a toll on our collective physical, mental, and financial well-being.

These past 6 months, Womankind has remained committed to providing
high-quality care to all patients regardless of income.
Many of our patients work in the service industry and are still not back
to their full work schedules.

Thanks to our partner agencies, patients have been able
to receive care at Womankind for gynecological problems, birth control,
chronic conditions, lab work, and medications.

This crisis is far from over. 
Your donation helps patients when they need us most.

Your donation ensures
locals get healthcare


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