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Founded by Renee Grier, ARNP, and Gazelle Lange, CNM, Womankind began seeing patients March 15, 2001. Establishing our practice involved overwhelming community support and participation. The goal of having a center for health care that was respectful and empowering to women motivated many volunteers – men and women – into action.

This grassroots spirit continues well into our second decade. Womankind has grown and flourished with the vision of our founders as our backbone.


Mission Statement: 

Womankind is a medical center providing high-quality family planning and convenient health care to people of all income levels.


History & Mission



Through increased accessibility to clinical services, collaboration with other community resources, community outreach, and extensive client education, the goals of Womankind are to:



  1. Educate women and their families within the full scope of health and wellness.=

  2. Assist women to become active participants in their own health care.

  3. Reduce the incidence and transmission of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

  4. Increase early detection and treatment of breast and cervical cancer.

  5. Reduce the rate of births to teens and improve pregnancy outcomes.

At Womankind, we believe that all women should have access to the healthcare provider and facility of their choice, regardless of income, insurance provider, employment status, immigration status, color, religion, or any other potential barrier to quality health care.

We believe that each woman has the ultimate right and responsibility of choice in all health care decisions, which are made within the context of her unique family, culture, religion and community.

We believe that optimum health involves the total woman, mind, body, and spirit, and the best health care is care one that recognizes and respects this interdependence.

We believe that the health of the individual women of our community affects the strength of the community as a whole.

We (women) are the mothers, the wives, the sisters, and the daughters who are the leaders, teachers, caregivers, and nurturers of those who will follow.

We can only teach what we have been taught, can only give what we have been given.

To inhibit the full potential of any one of us diminishes our community as a whole.



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