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The Supreme court ruling 

overturning Roe v. Wade made abortion laws the decision of individual states.


Florida law (HB5) reduced the time abortions can be accessed from 24 to 15 weeks.

Supreme Court


Florida law prohibits abortion at fifteen weeks from the last menstrual period.


Pregnant people who seek abortion care must undergo a 24-hour mandatory waiting period, counseling, and an ultrasound where they are offered to.

Florida prohibits public funding for abortions (as does the federal government). Except in cases of life endangerment, rape or incest.

The Florida Constitution requires parental notification for minors seeking abortions.


A Parent or legal guardian must be notified and give notarized consent. 


Alternatively, a judge can  issue a "judicial bypass”

Which allows an abortion without parental involvements



Womankind's position

As always, Womankind supports personal autonomy in all healthcare decisions.

We strive to limit unplanned pregnancies through access to high quality birth control.

Our goal is to provide everyone with their family planning needs.



Thank you for helping to keep highly effective methods of birth control accessible to local people.


$20 - Oral birth control (1 month)


$45 - Depo shot (3 months)

$60 - NuvaRing (1 month)

$100 - 6 months of oral birth control


$250 - Liletta IUD (6years)


$400 - Paragard IUD (10years)


$525 - Nexplanon implant (3years)

Recent Changes in Healthcare Laws

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