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Menopausal Support

Mood swings & hot flashes causing you distress? Don't let your hormones rule your life!

Call us today to learn about our hormone replacement therapy options, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and conventional pharmaceutical therapy.

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Dr. Kennedy

Medical Director Dr. Kris Kennedy heads the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Program at Womankind.

Our Bioidentical program offers patients cutting-edge hormone level assessment tests combined with a caring consultation that discusses a patient’s struggles, symptoms, and health goals to help pinpoint a prescription that’s right for them. 

Patients can find relief as early as the first visit, with a series of three visits that include tailor-made dosage treatments that ensure a safe and effective program followed by monitoring and maintenance visits.

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“The thing I love about this treatment program is that we can tailor-make it to each individual by checking hormone levels and adjusting the dosage of the hormone levels not only to a therapeutic range, but a safe range,” says Dr. Forest. “There are many women who are taking traditional treatments, that if you check their hormone levels, they are going to be sub-therapeutic.  Meaning they really aren’t doing anything.”