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Don't Blow Off Your Health!

On Thursday, November 30th, 2017, Florida Keys residents doused hurricane flags in rum and burned them to mark the end of the tumultuous 2017 hurricane season. This year's official burning of the hurricane flag signaled the end to a particularly devastating hurricane season. Womankind has received a number of donations in response to Hurricane Irma and her destructive path through the Florida Keys. The Hurricane Irma Recovery Fund is a ray of sunshine if you’re under the weather or want to keep feeling right as rain. Funded by local foundations and some all-weather friends, The HIR Fund covers the costs of family planning, gynecology, primary care, birth control and other medications. It’s a silver lining for women and men who have been financially damaged by the storm. It's a breeze to call for more information or to get an application. At Womankind we're here for you, come rain or come shine.

Applications for financial assistance have nearly doubled in Irma’s wake, and this grant will cover services for those who can’t afford them and would otherwise have to go without necessary visits, tests, procedures and medications during the recovery.

Funded by Americares, Edward B and Joan T Knight Foundation, G&D Hawtof, Justin & Eileen Kawaler, Larry Dion Foundation, M&J Levine, Ocean Reef Community Foundation, The Sunlight Time Foundation, ThirdLove Bras, and United Way of the Florida Keys. Also funded by J Morrell, JM Weatherhead, L McNamara-McGraw, S Fox, S Higgs, and Taylor Family Fund.

Image: Executive Director Cali Roberts accepting a $25,000 grant from the Ocean Reef Community Foundation Florida Keys Hurricane Response Fund. This grant helped fund our Hurricane Irma Recovery Fund to help meet the medical needs of the patients who have been financially damaged by the storm.

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